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As many of the players have expressed their love and appreciation for the sensational Shadow Creek resort, there is a fairytale that started a few weeks prior to the tournament that is continuing to keep us excited.

In the weeks leading up to the tournament the team were faced with the challenge of finding a band/artist for the gala dinner celebrations as support act to Snoop Dogg’s headline performance. There is no question as to the extent of amazingly talented artists that are out there, but for this occasion there was a ‘certain something’ that Tom Brookes was yearning for when he envisaged the perfect evening. There were no extraordinary requirements in what was needed, only to contrive the perfect combination of melodies to set that party mode, yet complement the majestic decor that synchronised the flow of replenished glasses at dinner.

Tavares, an up and coming band from Melbourne, Australia blew Tom away whilst he was visiting the City a few years ago when he heard them performing at an open-air concert through his hotel window. Alleviating his own curiosity, he went to see what the band were all about at a small gig the following night, something that he had never forgotten. It was this memory that gave Tom the intuition that these guys were what Las Vegas needed.

Upon asking the guys how they felt when they received the phone call from Tom, only a few weeks prior to the event, this is what lead singer Francisco Tavares had to say:

“It’s hard to describe the way that I felt when Tom called me and explained the opportunity was there to support Snoop in Vegas. But I must say once we landed and performed, the feeling Joshua and I had on stage was incredible. The room set up was spectacular and although the audience was intimate, it made for a very special atmosphere. We are thrilled to be part of the first ever Icons of Football celebrations”


All that can be said is a huge credit to the guys, they took this amazing opportunity and gave it everything they had. Embracing the intimacy that made the event so special Tavares made Dean Gorré’s (Icons of Football team member) night, coming off stage and handing over the mic for him to spontaneously throw his own rap into the mix of ‘Move On Up’ by Curtis Mayfield cover . The buzz that this created was genius.

The night continued with classic Soul & R&B covers such as ‘All I do’ by Stevie Wonder and ‘Do for love’ by Bobby Caldwell. Their take and twist on music alongside their modest yet ostentatious presence exhibited their raw talent and the extensive potential that they have to own a stage of their own in front of thousands.

Watch this space!

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